Korfez Kebab company specializes in producing highest quality kebab and gyros. The company was founded in 1991, we have many years experience in the meat industry, and we have got perfect knowledge of market needs therefore we can customize our products to the individual requirements of customers.

Supervision over our production conducts veterinary inspection. We have given veterinary identyfication number PL 1610-6001 WE, which entitles us to sell our kebabs throughout the European Union. We also have implemented the HACCP system. This system is intended to ensure the safety of our products. In this way you can be sure that the kebab and gyros offered by Korfez Kebab everytime are of the highest quality.

We provide you quick order delivery and the timely fulfillment of them, and for a good long-term cooperation we offer also attractive discounts. We have a modern production system which allows us to achieve high production flexibility and the ability to adjust to the requirements of customers.

For the production of our kebab and gyros we used only top quality meat of Polish origin. The experience gained and appreciated by customers high quality of our products make that the present we supply restaurants, pubs, bars, and fast foods throughout the country.
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